Healthy Heart Check

Heart diseases remains a devastating illness, affecting the lives of tens of thousands of Australian families.

Every 12 minutes an Australian dies from heart, stroke or vascular diseases. More than 57,000 Australians suffers from heart attack each year. The most unfortunate fact is that most heart attacks and strokes are entirely preventable.

From 1st April 2019, people at risk of heart disease will be eligible for a heart check-up, available free from our bulk-billing GP practices.

The Healthy Heart Check is a new Medicare initiative which encourage Australian 45 years or older, who have not had a heart attack or stroke but is at risk of developing these disease, to attend for a comprehensive healthcare review with their GPs.

It is an annual check up designed to:
1. helps you to understand your risk factors for heart disease,
2. estimate the chance of a major heart or vascular event in the next five years, and
3. working on manage your risk factors to improve your heart health and general wellbeing

What to Expect during the Consultation

During the consultation your GP will gather information on your risk factors for heart diseases. This would involve a blood pressure and cholesterol check, discussions on diet, physically activities, smoking status, diabetes, and other relevant personal and family health history.

With these information available, we can begin to understand your risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next five years. The actual risk may then be classified into either the low, medium or high risk category for the occurrence of a significant cardiovascular event.

Upon a follow up visit your GP will review your risk factors and discuss the appropriate management plan for you.

It may be a case of continuing the current lifestyles and review in one year, or you may receive specific advice and support to lower your risk of heart disease. This may lead into discussion on topics such as your diet, your exercise routine, exploring smoking or alcohol habits, sleep pattern and work-life balance.

For higher risk situations, your GP may advise and prescribe medications, or make referrals for further testings to help improve your cardiovascular health outcome.

For further information or to book in for your Healthy Heart Check, please contact our reception at Hornsby clinic (99872226) or St Ives clinic (9440 9411).